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8 Tips Straight From The Pet Grooming Experts

Posted on September 3, 2019 in Uncategorized

Pet owners need not be told how grooming is important for the healthy life of our pets. But, it is true that we all get a little lazy and procrastinate things that we shouldn’t, like brushing our pet’s coat, right? Most of us are afraid of clipping our babies, and what we are able to do at most is to keep a deshedding comb for dogs and brush a little when our eyes fall on it. Isn’t it? Pet Spas have really been like a blessing for pet parents who don’t get time to groom their furry friends however much they want.

But, the question remains, is getting your pooch pampered and bathed with some fancy canine shampoo, and styling his fur would be enough as a grooming session? The same goes with felines, although they are much cleaner than dogs, will usage of various deshedding tools for cats be enough? Although the groomer will do the best job he can, have you ever asked your groomer what can you do to make his job easier and your furry pal happier?

Here are 10 such tips straight from our grooming experts which they would love if the pet owners follow:

1. Specifications would be appreciated

“I want my pooch to like Boo.” Say this to your groomer and he would understand, because there is no dog lover who might not know about Boo, the pom. However, having an image just in mind, and explaining it to your groomer, which is not as well-known might make the groomer confused. So, take a pic when you like a certain dog’s groomed coat, and show it to your groomer. Such specifications actually help when you have specific demands.

2. Introduce grooming to your furry pal in early age

Getting used to anything particular is always a gradual process, be it for humans or animals. If you don’t held your canine or feline’s paw in their tender age, they will get scared later, and not allow the groomers to attend them. So introduce your pets to grooming gradually while they are young rather than shocking them with their first grooming session at a salon.

3. Make brushing a regular affair

Pets love when you use a deshedding comb on their coat to brush it. Besides, it is necessary to make brushing a regular affair because that’s how your pet’s dead skin will leave his body and his coat will get healthier. “We feel pity for pets whose parents don’t brush their animals until they come to the spa next. Please don’t be those parents.” says our expert.

4. Always check their ears, coat, and feet while brushing

Brushing is usually considered as some quality time that pets and their owners must spend together everyday. Our grooming experts explained how they discover lumps and bumps for the first time that the pet owners are not aware of. Always check your pawed friend’s ears, coat and feet for bumps, lumps and fleas. This way, they can be treated much better and faster.

5. Make your pets comfortable

When you know your pet’s grooming appointment is nearer, try to make them comfortable about touching their paws. Not doing so may create a nightmare for your pooch as well as the groomer while clipping their nails.

6. Don’t panic. Groomers are in the business because they love animals

Yes, you love your kitty and your pup. But, so do the groomers, and that’s why they are in business. Most pet owners become anxious when they leave their pets at salon. What they don’t understand is that their anxiety makes their pets anxious which is the last thing needed when grooming is about to begin. So, stay as calm and composed as you can.

7. De-matting is more harmful

Thinking that dematting can be done and not worrying about your pooch’s coat getting matted is foolish, because the process of dematting is much more painful than you must have imagined. Save your pooch from getting matted, and brush regularly.

8. Don’t make bathing a 2-month grooming thing

Although it is not advisable to bathe your pooch often, but making it a 2-month session is not at all healthy. If you are not visiting your dog groomer for the next 2 months, don’t keep your pup dirty until then. Bathe your pup with soothing canine shampoos. If your dog or cat gets anxious before taking bath, pick a suitable CBD oil for dogs and make them calm.

Seems fair, don’t they? Also, choosing the best deshedding tools for dogs and cats is also as important as these tips. So, take care while you choose one. Let’s try to help our groomers a bit for they are the ones making our pets beautiful and clean.

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