October 2022

The Amazing Story of Ginny the Elephant

Once upon a time, I took my number of animal communication students for the San Antonio Zoo.

Their instructions were to wander around and locate animal teachers to rehearse communicating with approximately an hour. Then we were all to meet up with at the elephant enclosure since there was a very special elephant there named Ginny I wanted show them them to. I also desired to tell them a great elephant story – Ginny’s story.

They had learned the best way to connect and open the conversation. Some on the students, being highly sensitive and empathic like myself, were worried.

What in the event the animal’s story was heartbreaking? What if these folks were in pain, or angry or grieving or sad… ? And let’s say their misery was a lot more than they could bear?


I understood their concerns. I’ve felt them myself and still have often had students tell me these folks were afraid to do business with rescued, abused or sick, transitioning animals… for the very same reasons.

But here’s finished ….

Whatever is occurring or has happened for that animal is a component of their story. What they need will be the ability to communicate and become heard to allow them to heal and ignore it.

It’s not your work to take on their stuff whenever you open a channel to convey.

Your job would be to give them methods to be understood, to feel compassionate, loving attention, to generate a heart centered space for listening and caring, and THAT is this sort of precious gift.

Many times healing occurs, positive changes occur which were unexpected, and just before your eyes (should you choose it right), you will notice them you have to be fully present, they heal, they grow, they breathe a large sigh of relief, plus they let the past go.

It’s a miracle to witness, and heartwarming beyond belief.

So, kleenex within their pockets, hearts open and available, with loving and clear intention set, off they went!

When we met back on the elephant enclosure later, we were holding delighted because of their experiences. Some animals ignored them, these people were too lost of their own world and weren’t enthusiastic about talking to an individual.

Other animals were so thankful for having been heard, these folks were excited and delighted.

They said such things as, “Wait, have you say something? You, a dense human, can hear me? That can’t be right… I thought humans were too unaware to convey. Seriously, you really are speaking with ME? And you can hear me too?? OMG! Let me go get my girlfriends!”

And other animals tummy flatness, although running up desperate to witness the miracle of a person’s who could hear them and talk their language.

So thrilling!! And the stories they told? Oh my.

Heartwarming! Inspirational! Touching! Wow.

Today I have another story to share with you.

A weeks earlier I’d been called by the zoo docent in the future help them with one in their elephants.

Ginny, the 50 yr old matriarch in the small elephant herd in the zoo, had killed their head handler.

Nobody else ended up being there gets hotter happened, so there was no witnesses. Only the proof carnage that is left behind.

When I arrived, that they had her in chains, in a very metal cage barely large enough for her body. She stood there dejectedly but proud, quiet and withdrawn. Resigned and waiting for my child fate for being determined.

The handlers and management hadn’t decided should they would have to kill her or otherwise not.

Why had she gone rogue?

Was she dangerous?

Would she hurt anybody else?

What happened to be with her to have killed that man?

Before they decided what to do with her, they wanted me to speak to her and locate out precisely what happened.

So I walked in find every one of the humans sitting inside a circle expecting me. I greeted them, sat down and took my place.

I had a moment to greet Ginny, whom I’d never met before, and provide her my assurance that my intention was to get her voice, and that I truly cared so what happened to her.

They didn’t produce any more information than you recognize right now, so I closed my eyes and tuned into Ginny, asking her to figure out what happened.

She said that the man was often abusive to her and her family herd. That he’d not already been through it for very long, but was unloved and unliked. That he often arrived reeking of alcohol and acting badly, strangely, unpredictably.

That fateful day she decided she’d had enough. He’d hurt and terrorized them for a specified duration.

It was her job as matriarch to safeguard her family, therefore she made the tough decision and acted.

She simply and calmly reached to him, grabbed him around his waist, picked him up and held him high, turned him the other way up, and smashed his head into the ground with enough contentration to crack his skull open.

Simple Tips On Pig Farming Tools

If you have a pig farming business, you’re on the right page, In this article, we can share a few recommendations on how you’ll be able to follow the best solutions to raise healthy pigs without making grave mistakes. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some on the three tips.

Regardless from the type of business, the business enterprise owner must have the appropriate mindset and the correct set of tools so as to opt for the proper approach. Having the capital just isn’t enough because you also need to contain the best environment with the animals.

If you manage a pig farm, one with the most significant things is the pig farming equipment. Given here are three suggestions about pig farming equipment and tools. If you try these tips, will probably be a lot easier that you should raise healthy animals.


Before you will get the animals, be sure you consider the housing first. What you need to take into account is that the housing must provide enough heat and clean quarters in order for the animals can rest.

Also, washing the area will not be a big deal as pigs are clean animals unlike exactly who think. It’s just a myth the animals urinate and defecate their sleeping or resting spots. So, this is the common misconception about these animals.

Apart because of this, the housing area must be properly fenced. Actually, pigs adore it when they are capable to explore the spot outside their reserved housing. So, should you install fences, you’ll be able to keep them from running away. Make sure you install sturdy fences which are high enough to help keep the pigs inside.


Keeping your pigs clean is best. For this purpose, it is crucial that you supply to them clean water within the housing. For instance, you may place water troughs on their behalf inside the fenced area.

Make certain the water is clean. Installing water filters a very good idea as far as cleaning water can be involved. This is best as it will not a good idea to risk the lives of your respective pigs.

Drinking dirty water will squeeze lives from the pigs vulnerable. After all, diseases and infections will make the pigs sick.

In the shelter, there really should be a lot of hay or straws because they help reduce the foul odors. After all, ensure smell foul odors the whole day while you are on the farm. Another benefit of hay is that it allows pigs to scrub themselves properly. While pigs don’t defecate where they sleep, it’s still recommended that you spread some hay and straws.